Nascondino, A Simple Alternative To Gain Some Intimacy

In the times where the idea of an open space steps into both offices and homes, designer Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte offers a simple alternative to gain some privacy.

“Nascondino was designed to invite us to regain our privacy and a personal space.” After graduating in Industrial Design from La Cambre in 2014, Belgian designer has opened his own studio in Brussels. In his work, Vandeputte questions the society’s habits and calls for the new perception of reality. Reminiscent of the youthful days of hide-and-seek, ‘Nascondino‘ is a collection of alcoves that allows the user to have a moment of intimacy and a space for reverie. The designer says: “In a time when architecture and society (loft, open spaces …) lead us to a suppression of walls and separated rooms; Nascondino was designed to invite us to regain our privacy and a personal space in these new locations.”

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