Newlyweds Who Met Working At A Supermarket Go Back There To Celebrate Their Wedding

A couple doesn’t need to meet at some magical place for the magic between the two to work. Rodney and Jessica Reinsma from Queensland, Australia met at the Coles supermarket they both worked at as store and grocery managers respectively. That is why they had no doubts about where to come back to have their pictures taken on their wedding day.

After getting married at Sanctuary Cove, the couple stopped at one of the Coles chain stores in Hope Island and surprised the customers with their wedding attire and their whole entourage.

“If it wasn’t for Coles we may have never met and I could not imagine life without him. I have a lot to thank the company for,” Jessica explained the unusual choice. In the quirky photo shoot, the bride exchanged the bouquet of white flowers into a broccoli found in the fruits and vegetables section, which was later caught by a lucky bridesmaid.

Scroll down to see the happy couple on their magical day. Check out another unusual wedding example here.

Image source: the Gold Coast bulletin

Rodney and Jessica Reinsma from Australia decided to get their wedding pictures taken at a supermarket

The couple met while working at Coles, an Australian supermarket chain

So when it came to their wedding day they both knew exactly where to go to celebrate their love

After walking down the aisle, the couple stopped at the local Coles, where they took pictures between the shopping aisles

At the fruit and vegetable section the bride replaced her bouquet with a broccoli that was later caught by a lucky bridesmaid

“If it wasn’t for Coles we may have never met and I could not imagine life without him. I have a lot to thank the company for,” said Jessica

This once again proves that magic can happen wherever you go – even at a local supermarket

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