Patricia Urquiola’s Sonar SaphirKeramik Collection

Milan-based architect Patricia Urquiola has once again collaborated with Laufen Bathrooms to introduce the third generation of products involving their revolutionary ceramic material, SaphirKeramik. Entitled ‘Sonar’, the basin and bathtub collection was first unveiled at Milan Design Week 2017 and is characterized by innovation and elegance.

Laufen is renowned for exquisite craftsmanship, and the intelligent and emotional elements which inform their creations. Through sophisticated design and commitment to sustainability, Laufen aims to transform the bathroom to a living environment. Having received a selection of the most prestigious awards in the world, including the Gold Medal of Fine Arts by the Spanish Government, Patricia Urquiola’s status in the architectural sphere forever ensures the achievement of the Laufen vision. Consisting of wall-hung and free-standing SaphirKeramik washbasins, bathtubs, and countertop bowls, what distinguishes the ‘Sonar’ collection is both the incredible thinness of the material and its strength — similar to that of steel. Inspired by the energy and dynamism connected to the natural phenomenon of sound waves and their relationship with water, the Sonar design expresses balance and purity. The shapes of washbasins and baths in previous SaphirKeramik collections have been redesigned as a lengthened semi-circle so to connect freely to the wall. Working with SaphirKeramik, Patricia intensified the three-dimensional element of previous generations, yet maintained the understated aesthetic and architectural lines of the SaphirKeramik collections.

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