Osma Harvilahti Captures Fishing In Japan

In the southwestern-most islands of Japan, Finnish photographer Osma Harvilahti photographed those whose livelihood comes from the sea—‘Fish’ is an aesthetic exploration of the fishing industry in Yakushima, Kyushu and Okinawa.

Fishing is a way of life for many who live in the sub-tropical islands that drift at the bottom of Japan—and whilst controversy rages about overfishing and its effect on marine biodiversity, Harvilahti’s stylized documentary series forgoes politics and looks at fishing from a purely visual perspective. The Paris-based photographer has returned to Japan on multiple occasions for the creation of this ongoing series, traveling to several islands and engaging with the people who fish there. Comprised of portraits and still lifes colored predominantly in blue and contrasting yellow, ‘Fish’ presents a romantic interpretation of the fishing industry and life on these Japanese islands and archipelagos.

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