Photographer Creates Mystery With A Toy Car And A Bag Of Flour

Mystery is an awesome spice for your artwork, that can put imaginations into high gear as effectively as few other things can. And mystery is what you’ll find in miniature photography by Felix Hernandez Rodriguez, who has just released a new scene from his series Dreamphography.

Using toy models, practical effects (like flour as snow) and controlled lighting in his studio, Felix puts in the hours to make his works truly lifelike. Surreal scenarios beg the question, how did these situations come to be, and tiny details scattered across the image make opening an investigation worth your while.

The illusions are also strengthened with an incredible amount of details he adds to the setting. So many in fact, that just by looking at it, you’d be hard pressed to say that it’s a miniature and not the real thing. At least until you see the making-of pictures below.

More info: websitefacebook | 500px | youtube (h/t: petapixel)

Work begins with a new model…


…to which Felix adds wear and tear:






Then he crafts a scene around it…


…and bedazzles us with the final result:


For the rest of the series go right here.

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