Pixelations By Hsu Tung Han

In a clash of digital and analogue, the wooden sculptures of Taiwanese artist Hsu Tung Han appear to be dissolving into fields of pixels.

Entitling his artworks ‘Pixelations’, the artist interprets his carved figures of men and women as puzzles, and plans each piece through a series of drawings and clay models. Han produces his final sculptures from segments of walnut, teak, or African wax wood, carving cubed pieces from the art object to give the illusion of suspended levitation or a paused transformation. The wooden sculptures of Hsu Tung Han are dynamically manufactured pieces of fine art. Using positive and negative space to great effect, the wooden blocks either push or pull. This gives his figures a dynamism that seems to set them in motion. Whether appearing to move forward or remaining in a calm position, each sculpture presents a masterclass in how the artist can manipulate a medium.

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Written by Peter Thompson


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