Properties Of Water By Lee Chee Wai

Lee Chee Wai is a self taught photographer whose work delicately documents man’s relationship with nature. His series ‘Water’ looks at the element in its myriad forms against the landscape of his homeland, Malaysia.

In ‘Water’, Wai explores the many ways that this element ebbs and flows. Wai explains that for him, “The element of water is feminine, soft and flexible. It can manifest many faces, from rain to mist, rivers to sea, ripples to reflections.” Utilising extreme long exposure and infrared light, he illustrates the different forms that water takes. Tides breaking against a jetty are still, and the flow of rivers become a blur. The high contrast of the water in these black and white images helps delineates ripples, oil slicks and the insects and sunlight that dance atop them.

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