Biophilic Benefits From Helen Kontouris

Science has proven the physical and psychological benefits of indoor plants; they clean air, alleviate stress and soothe emotional anxieties. Australian designer Helen Kontouris has launched a collection of planter screens for indoor spaces to allow the benefits of nature to grow in a thoughtfully curated way.

The Botanical Planter Screens, designed by Kontouris for LEN Furniture, were inspired by visits to botanical gardens, the designer’s love of Australian native plants and interests in biophilic design. “There is nothing more beautiful, inspiring and grounding than nature in all its forms” This project brings nature into urban environments as a response to human need, “There is nothing more beautiful, inspiring and grounding than nature in all its forms,” says Kontouris. “Many of my creative ideas take reference from nature’s striking intelligence and simplicity, the structure of a delicate leaf or the elegance of an entwined vine dancing along a terrace. My passion is to bring this natural beauty and all its benefits within the spaces where we create, live and play.” Once swathed in greenery the ‘Waratah’ planter screen, and the delicate leaf-like forms of the ‘Wattle’, ‘Acacia’, and ‘Banksia’ can all be used in virtually limitless ways, from living acoustic partitions to dividers for office space.

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