Renderings Of An Ancient Monolith In Santorini

Santorini rises from a volcanic caldera, the largest island of a small archipelago off the coast of Greece. Here, Kapsimalis Architects has proposed ‘House in Finikia’, a man-made monolith that draws its inspiration from volcanic stone.

The architects explain that their intention is to create a building settled into the landscape of Santorini: “As if it has been there from the start, as a piece of the volcanic eruption, it has been shaped by the elements of nature, mostly by the sea and the wind.” The angular proportions of the house have been designed as an architectural ode to the erosion faced by cliffs and volcanic stone in storms. This “erosion” offers pleasant and protected outdoor patios and garden spaces that look over the Aegean sea. The bright open-plan interior of ‘House in Finikia’ bleeds into the soft greens and dusky yellows of the landscape beyond. The building will be rendered with a mixture of soil and cement, allowing the color to change over time, developing a patina in accordance to levels of exposure. The building is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by spring, 2020.

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