Roll-out Table By Marcus Voraa

Designed by Marcus Voraa, this unique table is made of beach with a beeswax treated surface, such as steel and canvas.

The length of the table can be adjusted by sliding the end of the table out and letting the timber table-top follow. The steel crank on the side of the table is used to shorten it. This roll out-technique came together with the idea of flexibility. Instead of trying to hide the extra table top, the designer wanted to showcase it as a statement. The front pair of the table legs divides into three and can be pulled out like a telescope-technique from 1.5 to 4 meters. A table is a place where we meet, get to know each other, discuss and share information in the real world. For this reason, Voraa developed this project to bring his family and friends closer together. No matter whether it is around the dinner table, in the meeting room or at a conference, it is at the table where our parallel worlds meet, the physical and the digital.

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