Swirling Liquid Photography Resembles Blooming Flowers Frozen in Time

Aqueous forms and shapes fascinate photographer Mark Mawson, a fact that’s evident throughout his portfolio. From Aqueous Electreau to Aqueous Dresses, his works display pastel and fluorescent-colored paint pigments as they dissipate into fluid. In Mawson’s recent liquid photography series called Flowers and Swirls, he captures vibrant inks unraveling and radiating in spellbinding floral motifs. The luscious imagery recalls beautiful blooms that are in the midst of opening their many petals.

Flowers and Swirls is a personal project that was shot over a few days in January 2017. Mawson had finished his Aqueous Roses series (inspired by the beauty and structure of roses) and he wanted to try something different. “We experimented with a few different techniques and the images that we were producing were looking really cool,” he explains. “As the images were resembling flowers, we used pastel colors and also colors on the opposite side of the color wheel which always work well together.”

Through his lens, Mawson captures the submerged shapes as they swell and emanate, freezing moments in time. “People are responding very well to this project and I’m getting lots of very positive feedback,” he happily admits. “One thing I learnt is that it is very worthwhile deciding to spend time experimenting and trying new techniques. It makes me grow as a person and as a creative image maker.”

Mawson is based in London and has over 25 years of experience producing creative and inspiring images. He specializes in shooting liquids and his commissioned work has been used in many large-scale campaign ads. In addition to still photography, Mawson also creates videos of his hypnotizing Aqueous works, which are viewable on his Instagram and Youtube.

Photographer Mark Mawson drops ink into water and produces hypnotizing, floral-inspired shapes.

liquid photography
liquid photography
liquid photography
Aqueous photos
swirling liquid
Mark Mawson liquid photography
Mark Mawson liquid photography
Mark Mawson liquid photography
ink in water
ink in water

Mark Mawson: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube
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All images via Mark Mawson.

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