Shizuka Tatsuno Crafts Simple Water Carafes Using An Ancient Pottery Technique

Bizen ware is one of the oldest forms of pottery in existence; named after the village of Imbe in Bizen, in Japan’s Okayama prefecture. Traditionally, Bizen ware is made from a rough clay with a deep reddish brown color, and pieces go into the kiln unglazed—meaning that ash from the kiln’s wood is blasted across the surface of each work; all the varied colors and textures are the result of this process. Bizen ware keeps flowers fresh for longer, and is said to change the taste of water when used as a water jug. This is Tatsuno’s inspiration for ‘Hiiro’: “It makes the water taste milder when stored in the water carafe,” she says. “‘Hiro’ comes in a modern, two-color design with a plain trimmed shape rarely seen in Bizen ware. Its atmosphere will make you feel nature in a simple and refreshing way.”

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