Shoei House By Hearth Architects

Based in the Shiga, Hearth Architects work to create predominantly residential projects in Japan. Their Shoei House embraces a thin plot and welcomes the nature of the surrounding environment.

The Shoei House site spans five and a half meters in width and thirty-two meters in depth. In response to ventilation and natural light limitations that may arise with a plot of this narrow shape, lead architect Yoshitaka Kuga has constructed the main areas of the house on the second level. This architectural form, which the architect refers to as a traditional Kyoto “bedding of an eel” house, has been finished with simple decorative elements including exposed wooden beams in the ceiling and horizontal slatted blinds that cast striped shadows on the walls. In spaces that were not adopted for functional purposes, Heath Architects have integrated planted trees, one of which can grow through a skyspace in the residence. “The clients enjoy the artistic change of the seasons in the simple and peaceful Japanese style space,” Yoshitaka Kuga explains.

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