Plus-Size Models Made Skinnier To Show How Much Photoshop Can Change Your Body

Photoshop is a magical tool, yet these days the overuse of it in the popular media can lead to insecurities. Two plus-size models Callie Thorpe and Diana Sirokai decided bring everyone’s attention to it by asking a photographer to manipulate the picture their in, in order to demonstrate to what extent one can change their body with the help of the program. The result is astonishing.

“Whilst photoshop has its place and need in some parts of industries this is the extreme when it comes to editing,” Callie wrote on her instagram account where she posted the edited picture.

“I have to say we look Amazing both ways,” proudly stated Diana, “We live in such a fake world its time to bring real back. Own who you are and slay!”

More info: Diana’s instagramCallie’s instagram  (h/t boredpanda)

These two beautiful ladies, Callie on the left and Diana on the right, decided to show how magazines and the media takes editing to a different level.

They asked a professional photographer to use photoshop on their bodies to show how much can be changed using computer software.

In the same post, they showed the original image encouraging people to “Own who you are and slay “

This was not the first time these ladies spread the body positivity message

Last month Diana shared an image of her body next to Kim Kardashian with an empowering note – “We are both women with different bodies”

The main message of these girls is that everyone should love themselves and that’s something that everyone can get behind

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