Tiki Tiki Tulum Hotel By Arturo Zavala Haag

Inspired by 1950s modernist architecture, Arturo Zavala Haag’s Tiki Tiki Hotel in Tulum brings a fusion of Art Deco and and regional design characteristics to the Mexican coastline town.

Presenting only fifteen rooms, the Tiki Tiki Hotel offers an exclusive luxury retreat. The site is surrounded by a rich, dense jungle, and the architect welcomes this tropical vegetation into the shared areas of the hotel including the central poolside area and bar. Capturing an essence of modernist and Art Deco design, the hotel features decorative ceramic inserts, which Zavala Haag explains were “designed specifically to honor the beautiful architecture of Palm Springs.” Locally sourced wood has been used for the site’s carpentry and furniture, integrating a contemporary take on the region’s traditional design. Stepping stones lead to various access points of the private bedrooms, which reiterate the decorative circular forms present throughout the site.

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