Susan Swihart Observes The Bound Of Twins

A fine art photographer living and working in Los Angeles, CA, Susan Swihart explores the idea of self, family, deep memories and connection to others in her works.

“It is a complex, but pure love for the person that was created at the same time.”
In her series ‘About Face‘, Swihart turns her lens to the phenomena of twins. A mother to twin sisters herself, she has been observing their special connection through years. “Sometimes two people start as one. They split apart, but continue to grow in parallel day by day, inch by inch. They develop separately and distinctly. Yet, to many, they will always look the same. Be treated as if they’re still one,” writes Swihart in her artist statement. The photographer set out to capture the similarities and differences of her daughters’ union, while observing the various emotions caused by constantly being seen as one. She adds: “It is a complex, but pure love for the person that was created at the same time. Head to toe in the womb. Side by side in life. And I want to be their witness and chronicle their unique journey into the world of individuals.”

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