Tham & Videgård Designs A Home Around A Picturesque Creek In Sweden

The remote getaway is located in a scenic area full of trees, plants, and shrubbery. Consideration for the largely untouched natural setting was a priority from the start, so the firm designed the residence to be “carefully inserted between the tree trunks”. ‘Creek House’ is spread out across a single storey, consisting of a set of clustered volumes of varying scales and heights, constructed from deep red bricks. The home’s box-like floor plan means that its entirety cannot be viewed from a single point, “and appears larger, somewhat like a hidden world”, explain the architects. The tree-filled plot of land upon which the house stands has “the character of a small botanic garden,” owing to the vast and cultivated amount of greenery. The plot of land slopes down towards the sea, and is characterized by a mossy creek that runs through the center of the home; bridged over by a hallway at the entrance and meandering out through the back garden.

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