The Luminous Nature Of Karolina Halatek’s Experiential Art Installations

Her most recent artwork is titled ‘Halo’ (2019), and was created as part of an artist residency in Chengdu, China. The illuminated ring encircles the viewer in a glowing white light, and upon immersion, the viewer becomes a fundamental part of the art piece. “The essence of the work comes from the imaginary super-natural sensation of clarity, light, and extended space,” Halatek tells IGNANT. “While interacting with the work, one has the possibility to discover a new dimension of their own presence in a contemplative, pure and abstract environment”. An older project of Halatek’s echoes this same sentiment: ‘Terminal’ (2016) was a tubular light installation erected in the Gerlingen Town Hall Square in the south of Germany. The artwork was inspired by people’s near-death experiences, its title refers to the definition of the word terminal; whereby a person has a condition predicted to result in death. Both works are “all about the human and the inner light that everyone has the potential to discover,” she concludes.

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