The Balancing Lamp By Victor Castanera

Titled ‘Balance’, Spanish designer Victor Castanera created a playful lamp for the young Swedish brand Oblure. Featuring glowing glass orbs that balance between steel shelves, the lamp is made up of a number of spherical components, sized to achieve a “perfect balance”.

The lamp’s base is made from black marble to help steady the structure, while delicate hand-blown glass orbs sit around the light bulbs, slotted between the angular steel shelves. Black metal spheres have also been added, acting as a counterweight to the glass orbs. Custom designed LED lamps are spreading consistent and environmentally sustainable light. To change each LED bulb, the glass sphere can be lifted up to swap it out. The fixed impossible position of the orbs is an expression of the fragility of existents. All entities are in move so nothing remain still. Balance can be seen as a play with the concept of gravity and time.

All images © Oblure

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