Sunspel Factory Visit

British manufacturer Sunspel is a pioneer in craftsmanship and produces luxurious everyday fashion since 1860. It all started with the idea of making everyday wear from best fabrics.

Basic fashion to the highest standardsThe first garments produced by Sunspel included tunics and underwear that were some of the earliest t-shirts ever made. Driven by the passion of making clothes in the best possible way, Sunspel runs a longstanding factory in Long Eaton, England. Here designers cooperate with craftspeople and both have the goal to bring basic fashion to the highest standards. In order to meet the demand, Sunspel works with textile producers overseas as well, but only with those who comply with their values of craftsmanship.

Since the company’s foundation Sunspel has been in search of fabrics that are most pleasing to wear, as long lasting as possible and unique in workmanship. The traditional textile business combines recent technology with a timeless style. With this approach they produce, among other things, underwear, classic polo shirts and T-shirts with attention for detail. The dedication to craftsmanship and the implementation of ancient British skills and techniques can be traced back to the earliest days of the present Long Eaton factory.

The brand’s own employees therefore focus maintaining the specialty of each garment. Sunspel engages both young and old workers at its textile fabrics. In this way they not only celebrate time-honored methods, but also achieve new levels of technical expertise. Sunspel transfers its doctrine to modernity while keeping up the principles of the company.

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