The Contemporary Brutalist Home And Office Of Japanese Architect Go Fujita

The residence’s rectilinear design features large openings with views of the serene natural setting outside, and its interior is centered around a small courtyard with a pond. “Seeking to reflect a distinctive Japanese aesthetic that favors natural materials and finds beauty in simplicity, the design emphasizes plainness and blank spaces in the interior,” explains Fujita. The building’s exterior is made from a natural stone that is intended to blend in with the environment. ‘F Residence’ features a modern take on the traditional Japanese doma, which is a floor made of compacted dirt, typically positioned between the house’s entrance and living spaces. The doma area of ‘F Residence’ features a double-height ceiling, with the space opening inward onto the courtyard. This is “where subtle seasonal changes in the plants and the sound of water, prompt a keen awareness of time,” explains Fujita, “offering a chance to come into sync with nature and open oneself to the surrounding landscape.”

The office occupies the ground floor, while the bedroom, living, and kitchen areas are positioned on the second storey. The building’s light and open design results in a calm and elegant space for living and working. “It is my hope that this residence and office will serve as a place to reconnect with the nature-based wisdom and spiritual culture our ancestors have passed down to us, as well as to quietly reexamine my own life,” expresses Fujita.

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