Tom Munz Designs The Oberriet Cemetery

Swiss architect Tom Munz redesigned a building for the cemetery in Oberriet, Switzerland, based on the value of welcoming interfaith use.

The replacement Oberriet cemetery building was relocated in the site before its construction, to enhance its spatial relation to the Chapel and the complex as a whole. Designing the building with interfaith use in mind, St. Gallen-based architect Munz implemented a minimal expression of architecture and design. The structure and interior elements present simple parallel and perpendicular lines, finished with a granulated concrete facade and all-over wood paneling on inside ceilings and walls. Throughout the building, the use of off-white paint and light wood tones create a warm and peaceful environment. This contrast in materiality guides visitors through the connected spaces, and built-in benches in the outside area establish an area for rest and reflection.

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