Contemplations By Joel Han

Joel Han is a New York based photographer and visual artist working with themes of sentimental emotion and nostalgia. His photographic style can be characterized as pensive, colorful, cultured, reminiscent, innocent, and sometimes even humorous.

In his series titled “Contemplations”, Han focuses on the obligatory routine of the everyday life, documenting the brief intermissions in the mundane scenery. Joel Han tells us through his pictures that the familiar interiors and traces of ourselves never seem to be what they appear. These self-reflective moments are giving us a feeling of relief in the quotidian life we participate in. Anonymity resonates in these places and can be seen as fragments of our own loneliness and peculiarity. Joel Han deals with the sense of distance as soon as everyday life has caught up with us. This is his attempt to locate and finally accept this anxiety as an embracement of solitude.

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