White Box House By Ayutt And Associates Design

‘White Box House’ is situated in a gated community in Bangkok. The client wanted to live in the community as it was where their extended family lived, however they didn’t want to live in one of the standard houses created by the developers of the area. They tasked Ayutt and Associates Design with building a home that responded to the Thai climate and that had the potential to cater for a growing family unit. Above all, their dream was for the house to be box shaped.

To ensure the home doesn’t overheat, the team made use of carefully selected materials: the brick plaster walls are punctuated by areas of glazing, while the exterior facades are mostly rendered in white to reflect the heat. Aluminum strips on the outside act as a buffer for insulation and cool the house during the daytime. Ayutt and Associates Design believes that the combination of white walls, reflective aluminum and glass merge to form a “new style of tropical minimalism”.

Among the design challenges was the lack of space. The client required a large garden space to enjoy the tropical weather in, but the small plot made this difficult to achieve. The design team compactly packed all of the rooms into two stories around a central courtyard. The large open space can be enjoyed from the living spaces, master bedroom and guest area, meaning that the occupants can enjoy the outdoor space from all around.

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