Luc Kordas Captures The City That Never Sleeps

In a city that more than eight million people call home, loneliness and seclusion can be found in surprising quantities. Brooklyn-based photographer Luc Kordas has been capturing the highs and lows of life in New York for the past four years in his series ‘The New York Chronicles’.

The ultimate metropolitan flaneur, Kordas roamed the streets of the Big Apple, camera in hand, in search of the lonely yet extraordinary citizens that make New York what it is. For Kordas, the city is the ultimate playground — a photographer’s paradise where the next shot can be found on the following street corner, the second carriage on the subway, or on a rain soaked basketball court you walk past on your way home. ‘The New York Chronicles’ reflects some of the encounters that Kordas experiences in the city: from interactions with his local Ukrainian supermarket cashier to the lost people he speaks to on dating apps, to the Uber driver who confides to him in Spanish during a ride through the city. Attracted to those on the peripheries of society, he is confronted with isolation on many levels. Commenting on this atmosphere he states “this feeling is palpable everywhere in the city…I witness the isolation and seclusion every day.”

In a “random and uncertain” world where opportunity and success can be sensed everywhere but are close to impossible to grasp, Kordas is able to get at something incredibly human and universal. His work offers a glimpse into the reality of 21st Century life and reminds the viewer that every passerby has a story to tell.

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