Brilliant ‘National Geographic’ Cover Is Getting High Praise as One of Its Best Ever


The newest cover of National Geographic is set to become one for the ages. As the world continues to drown in single-use plastic, the iconic magazine has launched a multi-year initiative called Planet or Plastic? The newly unveiled June 2018 cover illustration by Jorge Gamboa is a heartbreaking visualization of the reality we’re collectively facing.

The digital illustration, titled Iceberg Plástico, shows a plastic bag submerged deep into the ocean, with just the “tip of the iceberg” peering above. The simple, direct message and metaphor is a striking commentary on the public’s awareness of the issue and the fact that many don’t understand the impact of plastic on the environment. The Mexican artist first created the photo-illustration in 2017 for Bolivia’s Biennial of Poster Art, where it took home first prize in the political and social posters field.

With the reactions the cover is already receiving, Gamboa’s work has certainly struck a chord. And it also heralds a turning point for National Geographic, which has now switched to paper packaging over a plastic wrapper for subscribers in the US, UK, and India. Global subscribers will receive paper instead of plastic by the end of 2019.

The issue’s interior matches its exterior, focusing heavily on the impact of single-use plastic, including an article titled We Made Plastic. We Depend on It. Now We’re Drowning in It. In the article, journalist Laura Parker looks at the history of plastic and how we came to find ourselves in this difficult situation. By leveraging the expertise of National Geographic‘s explorers and scientists, who are witnessing the plastic crisis in real time, the magazine also revealed a $10 million partnership with Sky Media to help eradicate ocean plastic.

What can you do? First, take the Planet or Plastic? pledge to reduce your personal usage of single-use plastic. Second, continue to educate yourself on how plastic is impacting our planet so you can properly make choices and become an advocate against plastic pollution.

National Geographic‘s June 2018 cover, created by Jorge Gamboais quickly becoming iconic for it’s clear, direct message about the plastic pollution crisis.

The magazine’s Planet or Plastic? initiative is already causing reaction and reflection on what we can do to help can cultural attitudes about single-use plastic.

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