Whittle Away Cabinet By Stoft Studio

Based in Malmö, Swedish design firm Stoft Studio is composed by three talented designers, focusing on the creation of design through research in human behavior, materials and craftsmanship.

Their latest collection named “Whittle Away” was developed as part of the “What’s your DNA?” exhibition at Dutch Design Week 2017. The collection consists of a free-standing cabinet and a wall-mounted cabinet with the outermost layer peeling away. Made from pine with a hard wax finish, this unique surface was inspired by the way bark peels away from a tree to release something new and unspoiled underneath. The thin layers of wood are paired with minimalist, vertical strips, revealing colorful wooden panels, a sort of “ambiguous DNA”. The designers were also inspired by heritage, crafts and stories that have been passed down through generations, creating furniture pieces that combine old-school techniques with modern design. Whittle Away is an attempt to portray the design-DNA that Stoft brings with them to their design process.

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