‘Wireframe Apartment’ By MUS Architects

Polish architectural studio MUS Architects consider ‘made up space’ to be at the root of their practice. In the Wireframe Apartment project, MUS have transformed and invented space, presenting new functionality and opportunity in a small living space.

MUS Architects was founded by Anna Pębębska and Adam Zwierzyński, long term collaborators who believe in design to shape functions and forms, regardless of scale. The Wireframe Apartment is located in Krakow, and despite its small dimensions of 46 square meters, the site has been renovated to maximise living space and draw attention to the 330cm high ceiling. Through innovation and pragmatism, MUS Architects have created a compact series of storage solutions. This is made visually prominent with a black wire frame structure that breaks up the space and flows into a black ladder, used to access an upper level about the kitchen area. With finishing details of white ash wood and a marble wall feature in the kitchen, MUS Architects have created a light and open living space, fulfilling the client’s requirements of a place for the family to come together.

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