Claire Droppert Captures Fantastical Creatures In Clouds Of Sand

Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, photographer Claire Droppert consistently focuses and combines both simplicity and minimalism to achieve a serene style with an artistic approach. With common themes such as travel and nature, Claire captures unique desolated locations, creating a distinguishing silent feel. Her body of work is characterized by modern editing techniques, soft tones and smooth lines in an inspiring and appealing way. For the first installment of her Gravity series, Droppert captures thrown shovelfuls of sand midway through their aerial arcs. The idea for this subject came up while she was walking on the shores of a Dutch beach when a spray of sand kicked up by her daughter caught her attention. Droppert takes her photos only with natural light and fast shutter speeds, revealing sharp forms and bold strokes of movement. Named “Sand Creatures”, the vague shapes can be interpreted as a dragon, sea horse or rabbit, peeking into our world from a parallel dimension.

All images © Claire Droppert

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