Working Towards A Sustainable Future: IGNANT’s Stockholm Design Week Recap

Scandinavia is vast and brimming with potential, from Finland to Norway, Sweden to Denmark. An intriguing mix of cultures and a deep devotion to nature and its lifestyle have made this part of the world one of the most coveted and fast-evolving design hotspots. Here, a continuously growing, dynamic new generation of studios and creatives is operating in the design realm, pushing the boundaries of their field to a promising, better future. Scandinavian design has been on the rise—and industry radar—for years, if not decades, appealing to many for its seamless marriage of minimalism and functional refinement, for its eye for detail and feel for materials, but also for its attention to how products are manufactured and their environmental impact.

Sustainable design is on everyone’s lips but often only vaguely understood. The word exquisitely combines a philosophy of consciously designing products—socially, morally, and ecologically—and thoughtful design, one that connects people with their natural environment. When it comes to it, no one does it quite like Scandinavian countries. From north to south, an intriguing network of Scandinavian designers and brands provide people with high-quality, long-lasting designs that are visually striking and crafted with environmental principles in mind—like low-impact, non-toxic, recycled, upcycled, or energy-efficient. A short immersion in the bountiful world of Stockholm Design Week quickly shows how the Swedish capital is constantly looking for social and sustainable design products. Here, sustainability is not only discussed and proclaimed by many; it is highlighted in the infinite possibilities of design and technology through precise, transparent, and always-engaging methods.

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