Dyal Thak – A poetic photo series by Kin Coedel about a human connection built amidst the Tibetan plateau

Although Kin began taking pictures only after establishing a basis of trust with the locals, he reports that the photography was initially more of a documentary nature. However, as they gradually became more comfortable with and around each other, the process became collaborative. “Every picture that was made was a gift shared by people I have met, to what they see in me – something that they trusted and accepted,” Kin told us in the interview. Between images of seemingly endless landscapes, grazing animals and traditional light ceremonies, the photographer paints a meaningful picture of the day-to-day lives of Tibetan tribes. The joint work on the photos, Coedel’s generous welcome into the nomads’ life, and his curiosity to learn from and about different cultures have materialised into an exceptional body of work. Above all, it is a poetic project that speaks of a deep human connection.

Dyal Thak is Tibetan for “mutual ties” or “a common thread” and describes the strong bond and feeling the photographer felt throughout the project. In the poem accompanying the images Dechen Yeshi, the owner of Atelier Norlha, beautifully describes the nomads’ relationship to the land and their shared responsibility for caring for it. Dyal Thak is a tender portrait of the remote communities of Tibet and their daily lives between tradition and an ever-changing world. It is a series that gives us a glimpse into a way of life that, at first glance, seems very different from the hectic reality of modern society. Looking closely, however, allows us to feel and explore how we are all profoundly connected to each other.

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