5 Steps to Take Wide Angle Landscapes

Looking to take your landscape photography up a notch? Danish photographer Mads Peter Iversen’s YouTube channel is filled with exceptional photography tutorials to help you sharpen your skills. Of particular interest is his focus on shooting landscapes using a wide angles. In five easy steps, he shows how you can take your photography to another level and mix up your compositions using the wide-angle lens of your choice.

Using examples from his extensive travels across Norway, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and the United States, Iversen clearly and effectively articulates his vision. By focusing on creating a strong composition, he advises photographers to think about how they go about framing their photographs. These tips, coupled with specific case studies drawn from his portfolio, carry home each point.

While Iversen speaks about using a 16-36 mm lens, any wide angle will do. The important thing is to take risks and push yourself in order to create imagery that would otherwise have not been possible. Curious about the five steps you need to take to take a powerful wide-angle landscape photograph? Read on and then sit back and enjoy Iversen’s photography tutorial to get his in-depth advice.

Wide Angle Landscape Photography Tips

Here are 5 steps every landscape photographer can take to shoot better wide-angle photos.

  • Think holistically – Make sure you’re looking at the photo as a whole and don’t include elements that don’t make sense.
  • Select an interesting focal point – Learn how to select a point of interest that will grab viewers and draw them in.
  • Create a strong, meaningful composition – Your foreground has to help tell the story you are looking to create and benefit your focal point. Make sure there is no confusion about what you are featuring.
  • Ensure focus and sharpness – Use the lowest possible ISO with an aperture appropriate to the depth of field you are looking to achieve.
  • Edit to enhance specific elements – RAW files give you the power to highlight the elements of interest in your photos

How to Take Better Landscape Photos

Watch the full tutorial on how to perfect wide-angle landscape photography.

Mads Peter Iversen: Website | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Mads Peter Iversen.

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