Adopted Calico’s Thick Eyebrows Naturally Judge You All the Time

When Lilly the calico cat was found as a 4-month-old kitten wandering the streets of New Jersey, and brought to her forever home, her new human companion knew she was something special. Due to the two thick patches of black fur arching around her eyes, Lilly appears to have a constant judging face. As her human wrote in a blog post, “Some people think she looks like Cara Delevingne or Eugene Levy. It’s good that bold eyebrows are a trend of 2016!” Even with her naturally edgy look, it doesn’t take long to love this adorable cat and her sweet personality. “She is very energetic and makes funny expressions with her eyes and face, especially when she is playing,” Lilly’s human told LoveMeow. “She loves to cuddle and follows me around most days!”

Nevertheless—while the eyes may be the window to the soul, the eyebrows hold all the attitude. Lilly demands to be the queen of the house, and gets very vocal around mealtimes. Of course, one must only look at her to understand that she’s watching you closely and she’s not fooling around.

You can follow all of Lilly’s many facial expressions on Instagram.

Lilly_Crazy Eyes: Instagram
via [Love Meow]

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