Adorable Fish-Shaped Cone with a Wide Mouth Playfully Serves Delicious Ice Cream

A Japanese sweet treat has made its way across the Pacific and to New York City, where it’s now delighting ice creaming lovers on the other side of the world. Known as taiyaki, this popular street food is a fish-shaped cake made of waffle or pancake batter and filled with red bean paste.

In the Chinatown and Little Italy neighborhoods, this version of taiyaki has a noticeable tweak to its design. The fish’s mouth stands wide open and holds soft serve ice cream flavors like green tea and black sesame. This adorable cone also has a tasty surprise: the tail is filled with custard or red bean, ensuring you’re satisfied until the last bite.

If you’re in Manhattan and want to try this playful dessert, head to the aptly-named store Taiyaki NYC—they sell these delectable creatures seven days a week. In the meantime, check out the mouth-watering photos from patrons, below.

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Photo credit: Taiyaki NYC

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Taiyaki NYC: Website | Facebook | Instagram
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