Moment When Porcelain Dolls Shatter On The Ground Looks Like They’re In An Epic Fight

Don’t drop that! At least not before photographer Martin Klimas sets up his camera to capture the moment these delicate porcelain dolls hit the ground and shatter into a thousand pieces.

For the series “Porcelain Figurines” Martin has constructed a photography rig triggered by the sound of sculptures hitting the floor. All this to capture a mid-shattering shot filled with details that are usually lost in the moment. The artist gives away all control when he releases the sculptures from 9 feet up (around 3 metres), so all planning has to be done beforehand with a hope that it’ll turn out good.

The final results show these dolls take a life of their own by creating unexpected new contexts by themselves. Some of them even break into epic fist fights. Because hey, they have to channel that energy somewhere…

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