Photos Reveal 19-Month-Old Boy’s Point of View After Photographer Dad Gives Him His Old Camera

The world looks very different through the eyes of a 19-month-old, which we can now see thanks to the pictures taken by Stanley Jones, the son of British Army photographer Timothy Jones. One bright and summery day, Jones shared his old Canon G12 with Stanley and taught him how to press the shutter and shout out “say cheese.” Jones writes, “He wandered round the house and garden snapping away saying ‘cheese’ at everything. He even managed to switch the settings to ‘sepia’ at one point.”

Every photographer has his own style—even young Stanley, who “looks through the viewfinder…rather than use the LCD screen on the back.” Nevertheless, his photographs showcase a day in the life of a two-foot-tall child. He shares points of view that are seldom seen by adults, such as the underside of the kitchen table and the towering statures of parents standing up. Many of the pictures feature Stanley’s small sneakered feet, literally giving us the opportunity to walk in his shoes! 

Scroll through to see Stanley’s snapshots!

At one point, Stanley found the Sepia button!

And here are portraits of the young photographer at work.

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All images via Timothy Jones.

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