Anyone Carrying This Bag Looks Like They Have a Yellow LEGO Minifigure “Claw” for a Hand

A shopping bag is the perfect opportunity for a brand to advertise—it’s like a walking billboard. Memorable designs stick with us—like Bloomingdale’s iconic Little Brown Bag—that could influence buying decisions later in time. Designers Junho Lee and Hyun Chul Choi have achieved this level of memorability with their recent promotional concept for LEGO.

The playful bag is nearly as fun as the product itself, and it features the plastic hands of LEGO minifigures as the handles of the bag. While carrying it, you look as though your own hands have been transformed into the characters’ iconic yellow “claws.”

This ingenious bag design even looks like a LEGO block. Clad in red, the square-shaped sack features an allover-graphic pattern of raised circles, like you could stick an accompanying piece directly onto it. The bright yellow u-shaped minifig forms are attached to the top of the sack, and they conceal fabric handles inside—this is what you grip onto as the plastic pieces cover your wrist, making you, momentarily, part human and part LEGO figurine.

Junho Lee: Website
Hyun Chul Choi: Website

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