Artist Cleverly Pairs Iconic Celebrities with Their Delectable Sandwich Counterparts

If a celebrity were to pose on a sandwich, which one would they choose? According to artist Jeff McCarthy, Sia would sit on a brioche bun loaded with veggies while Beyoncé would slay on a pepperoni and cheese panini. These amusing associations are part of McCarthy’s ongoing project called Celebs on Sandwiches, and it’s exactly as it sounds—the Los Angeles-based creative realistically paints some of pop culture’s biggest icons sitting, lying, and standing on top of delectable-looking food.

Inspiration struck for McCarthy while enjoying this classic culinary delight. “The idea came to me, naturally, while eating a sandwich,” he told the Instagram blog. In a world where a fantastic meal can garner the same attention as a movie star, McCarthy has made it easier to enjoy both at once. “Our culture has a pretty serious love for celebrities and food, so pairing the two together just made sense.”

McCarthy sells each of his paintings as fine-art prints through his website, Celebs on Sandwiches.

Above: Jason Alexander as George Costanza on a pastrami on marble rye

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson on a pizza bagel sandwich

Beyoncé on a pepperoni and cheese panini

Katy Perry on an In-N-Out Double-Double cheeseburger

Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy on a BBQ brisket sandwich

Nicki Minaj on a turkey and pepperoni with lettuce, oil, and vinegar 

Michael Phelps on a double decker fried egg and cheese

Kirsten Bell and a sloth on a fried egg white sandwich

Betty White on an egg salad sandwich

Ben Affleck on a meatball parmesan sub

Kevin Hart on a turkey and cheese with pickles and chips on whole wheat

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool on a chimichanga sandwich

Drake on a Canadian bacon and cheese

Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) on a steak and egg

Sia on a grilled eggplant on a brioche bun

Jeff McCarthy: Website | Instagram | Facebook
via [Instagram Blog]

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