Artists are Re-Drawing Their Old Work to Show How Much They’ve Improved

Age 13 | Age 23
Artist: Miles___

When it comes to drawing, the key to success isn’t always rooted in talent. Sure, it helps, but consistent practice is what it really takes for you to improve your skills and make art you’re proud of. Need proof? Just take a look at these folks. Over the span of years or even months, their drawings have grown better by leaps and bounds. Challenges such as Draw This Again highlights this fact by encouraging people to redo one of their older artworks with the skills they’ve acquired since then. The results are often incredible.

Draw This Again was started by the social art site DeviantArt, and its simple premise is a confidence booster to those learning art. It’s easy to get caught up in what other people are doing, but a challenge like this can show you the value of your hard work. Over time, the artists here have transformed their previously amateur-looking birds, animals, and portraits of people into images that are more dimensional and realistic looking. Gone are flat lines and shading; thanks to dedicated drawing practice, these images feel like they could leap off the page and into real life.

Of course, you don’t have to be part of the DeviantArt community to try this challenge. If you want to get better at drawing, you can start today! It’s never too late to improve your art abilities.

Improving your drawing is about more than just talent. Consistent drawing practice will help you improve your skills.

draw this again

2016 | 2017
Artist: Capucine de Chocqueuse

draw this again

January 2016 | December 2016
Artist: ItsmeHoswa

draw this again

12 years old | 21 years old
Artist: Laura Brouwers

The Draw This Again challenge invites artists to redo an old drawing with their new skills.

drawing techniques

2005 | 2017
Artist: Jade Mere

improved drawing skills

2008 | 2012
Artist: SaraLynArt

draw it again

2015 | 2017
Artist: Notifyneelix

draw it again

2013 | 2017
Artist: Hannie001

Over the course of years—or even months—artists show how much they’ve improved. It’s all thanks to practice!

how to improve your drawing

2014 | 2015
Artist: Zarydoesart

how to improve your drawing

November 2012 | February 2017
Artist: Sara Tepes

improved drawing skills

2008 | 2012
Artist: popCHar

how to improve your drawing

2012 | 2016
Artist: Majesteux

draw this again

2013 | 2015
Artist: Names76

Draw This Again: Website
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