Awesome “Archaeology Soap” Reveals Tiny Dinosaurs As You Use It

Specializing in “cool products for technophiles, geeks, and the occasional monkey,” ThinkGeek is a go-to shop for quirky gifts and eccentric presents. The Virginia-based company creates innovative inventions—from a starry skirt that twinkles with LED lights to a coffee press from a galaxy far, far away—that are as useful as they are creative. And some, like the perpetually popular Archaeology Soap, are even educational.

Intended to recreate the earth’s layers, each 3-inch cube is made up of four uniquely-colored stratum. Every layer has a different composition (the bottom band includes pumice, while bentonite clay is mixed into the second layer, for example) so each one realistically “erodes” at a different pace. The coolest part? Buried deep in each bar of soap are two plastic dinosaurs that emerge as each layer weathers away—which means that the cleaner you get, the closer you are to digging up your delightful dino discovery!

Now, you may have noticed that this nearly perfect product has one slight fault: its name. Instead of Archaeology Soap, it should be called Paleontology Soap (the former is the study of artifacts and human history; the latter deals with dinosaurs). ThinkGeek has realized this error, however, and now even includes a humorous disclaimer—and tempting proposition—in the product’s description: “Look: we get it. We goofed. We totally should have asked the vendor to name this ‘Paleontology Soap.’ If y’all dig the idea enough for us to make a second run, we promise we’ll fix it then.” Rub-a-dub-dub!



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