Sleep Inside a Comfy Bookshelf at Kyoto’s New Bookstore-Themed Hostel

A self-described “accommodation bookshop,” Book and Bed Tokyo is a hostel with a bookish twist. Designed to look like a cozy shop around the corner, the literary lodging made its grand debut in 2015 and proved to be an instant hit among traveling bookworms. While its eclectic collection of reading material is a big draw, it is its unique sleeping quarters that truly bring in the bookings. Tucked inside the hostel’s wall-to-wall bookshelves are single-occupant nooks, each complete with a bed and, of course, a reading light. Given its success in Tokyo, the experimental inn is opening a second location in Kyoto.

Like its predecessor, Book and Bed Kyoto invites its guests to snuggle up within its shelves. While the Tokyo location features 12 beds, the new site has 20. The “standard” model measures 220 cm by 110 cm (a bit bigger than your standard twin bed), while the slightly smaller “compact” bunk is 220 cm by 90 cm. Each cozy cot costs less than $50 a night and includes under-the-bed storage space, a lamp, an outlet, and a curtain for privacy—everything you need to curl up with a good book (or three).

In addition to the unique sleeping accommodations, Book and Bed Kyoto also features a snazzy bar, complimentary wifi, comfy communal living spaces, stylish robes, and, obviously, lots and lots of books! While the hostel does not sell them, it does provide Japanese and English reading material free of charge for the duration of your stay.

Book and Bed’s Kyoto location opens December 2, 2016. Spots are filling fast, so be sure to make your bookish booking online!

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