Comfy Compact Trailer Can Be Yours for Less Than $13,000

Inspired by the all-American aesthetic of the vintage Volkswagen, Dub Box USA designs modern trailers with a retro twist. While its premiere model—a classic camper—has the look of yesteryear’s “silver bullet” motorhomes, it comes equipped with various contemporary perks, from solar panels to a Bluetooth speakers. In addition to its camper, Dub Box USA also sells state-of-the-art food trucks, event trailers, and, in just a few months, the brand new Dinky Dub camper.

Adorably named for its small stature, the Dinky Dub is a miniature model born out of a recent trend in less expensive, tiny trailers. “Over the past couple years the team has listened to the buyer market and know that offering a smaller, simple, lightweight trailer would meet many of their needs,” Dub Box USA explains on its website. “With a basic floor plan, modular approach, and keeping with the unique retro styling of its big brother, we can now offer a fun trailer at a lower price point.” Priced at just $12,800, the Dinky Dub makes traveling with a trailer more affordable than ever.

At 6 feet tall, 5.5 feet wide, and 9.5 feet long, each Dinky Dub camper is 25% smaller than its full-sized counterpart. Inside, it features a dinette that converts into a cozy bed for two, a kitchenette with a sink and laminated cabinets and countertops, and vinyl flooring. Each Dinky Dub camper is also highly personalized, allowing purchasers to choose their own paint color and customize its accoutrements. “We realize that many of us own camping gear,” Dub Box USA explains. “Our options are modular and give you the ability to add what you need and use what you already have.” You can even “build your own” model, picking and choosing each detail to create your dream caravan.

In addition to its compact camper, the company will also release other small Dinky Dub models: a “Fun Hauler,” a “Half Pint Kegerator,” and an event trailer. While the entire Dinky Dub line is still in its final stages of design, you can reserve one now so you’re ready to hit the road as soon as possible!

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