Concert Pianist Plays Classical Music For Rescue Elephant In Thailand

Pianist Paul Barton Plays Classical Music For Rescue Elephant In Thailand

They say music is a common language, and it turns out that’s even true for animals. At the very least it looks so according to the practical experience of Paul Barton—an artist and live performance pianist who has been playing the piano to rescue elephants in Thailand due to the fact 2011. He performs a assortment of classical compositions for the animals, who stand by attentively listening, seemingly spellbound by pieces from composers these types of as Beethoven, Schumann, and Grieg.

His most new spectator is Mongkol, an getting older bull elephant that was rescued from a life of captivity hauling trees for a logging firm. “Occasionally, Mongkol when strolling along the river would prevent by the piano,” Barton describes of his interaction with the mild creature. “If we recognized him waiting I would go above and engage in him a few sluggish classical parts.”

Above the a long time, Barton has played for very a few of the helpful giants and fashioned a deep connection with numerous of them. “If you participate in classical new music to an elephant. . . the reaction is priceless,” the pianist says. “There is a specific bond concerning you and the elephant. You are communicating with them in a diverse language. That language is neither our nor theirs. There is some thing infinitesimally wonderful in a piece of Beethoven that connects me to that elephant and that sensation is otherworldly.”

Most of the elephants that Barton plays for are rescues from the logging market, which was banned in Thailand in 1989. Quite a few have ended up blind or sustained other accidents as a consequence of their grueling employment. Now, they reside at Elephants Entire world, a sanctuary on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, Thailand wherever they are cared for and can live peacefully.

Scroll down to see Barton accomplish his most new live shows for his animal close friend Mongkol.

Artist and live performance pianist Paul Barton plays beautiful classical music for rescue elephants in Thailand. Scroll down to watch his particular live shows. at?v=q1lIEmneQQc

Paul Barton: Patreon | Facebook | Youtube
Elephants Environment: Web-site | Instagram | Fb
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All photos by using Paul Barton.

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