Craft an Oversized Chunky-Knit Blanket in Just a Few Hours

This winter, why curl up in any old blanket when you can stay extra warm and toasty in an oversized one you can make yourself? Los Angeles-based blogger and expert knitter Laura Birek has created an easy-to-follow tutorial explaining how to make a chunky knit blanket that will keep you cozy no matter the weather.

With just bulky yarn, two PVC pipes (tubes that measure 1.5 inches across work best), and always-handy duct tape, you can craft Birek’s signature “Giganto-Blanket” from the comfort of your own home. Taping two ends of the PVC pipes instantly transforms them into a pair totally functional—albeit giant—knitting needles, which can then be used as normal. The process is straightforward and simple—as long as, of course, you know how to knit!

Once completed, each warm and fuzzy blanket will feel right at home at the foot of your bed, as a throw on the couch, or, as Birek prefers, when cuddled by a cat! To see more of Birek’s cozy collection (cute cat included), check out her knit-centric site

Above image credit: Ohhio

Image credit: Ohhio

Laura Birek: WebsiteBlog | Youtube | Etsy

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