Creative Couple Documents Their Travels Together With Doodles Instead of Selfies

She loves to doodle and create emotive characters. His passion is photography. Together, they are Doodledeux—an Instagram account which presents the travels of a young couple in a most novel way. After many coffee dates and selfies of them here and there, they had an idea to document their journey together through drawings rather than conventional pictures of them smiling at the camera. Thus, the two characters, Abang and Neng, were brought to life on paper and now travel everywhere with them.

Wherever the real couple goes—whether it’s Java, Singapore, the zoo, or the local pool—Abang and Neng are also there and ready to be held up for a snapshot. The doodles are drawn differently every time to reflect the exact experience and emotions felt by the traveling couple. In one shot, the characters float in a 2-D paper hot air balloon over a majestic mountain, while in another photo, they hug in front of Universal Studios. Abang and Neng peek over gigantic $1 ice cream sandwiches in Singapore and utilize their own selfie stick in front of ancient ruins. Much like Flat Stanley, these paper-made cartoons get around.

While Doodledeux’s photographs showcase their travels, they also document their love for one another. Abang and Neng’s close body language and facial expressions emote the joy and unity cultivated during an exploration of the world with a loved one. Indeed, instead of selfies—which often just show two heads smiling and not “participating”—the character doodles allow for a truer representation of their creators’ adventurous experience and loving relationship.

Doodledeux: Instagram
via [Bored Panda, Neatorama]

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