Customizable “Dragon Slippers” Line Your Cold Feet with Cozy Crocheted Scales

The dropping temperatures are the perfect time to add some whimsy to your wardrobe. Wearing more layers, after all, means that there are more opportunities to infuse a sense of fun into your everyday attire. We recently marveled over fingerless gloves that transform your hands into dragon scales, and crafter Lianka Azulay promises to do the same thing for your feet. Through her shop Bonita Patterns, she has created cozy “dragon slippers” that combine crochet with decorative scales that line your ankles.

Azulay specializes in creating the design/pattern while you craft the finished product. After selecting your own yarn colors, the crochet artist has photo instructions to follow. Though that might seem daunting, an intermediate-level crocheter or even dedicated beginner can master the “crocodile stitch” that comprises pattern. “This is a fun to work piece that will impress without stress,” Azulay assures fellow crafters.

Once you’re done, you’ve got booties that are the ideal companions for TV binge-watching—they’ll seem especially snuggly once the snow begins to fall. The fantastical footwear patterns, available for both kids and adults, are now in the Bonita Patterns Etsy shop.

Once you’ve mastered footwear, you can try making a pair of dragon mittens:

Bonita Patterns: Etsy
via [Bored Panda]

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