Adorable Portraits of Unlikely Animal Pairs with Matching Fur

A connoisseur of the cute and cuddly, Warren Photographic specializes in commercial shots of nature and animals. The UK-based company boasts an extensive collection of for-print images, and the cuddly creatures they capture grace everything from pet care books and calendars to greeting cards and gifts. In addition to one-off shots and pet portraits, they produce adorable and thematic series, like the playfully-titled Identity Theft.

Taking the idea of “furry friends” quite literally, Identity Theft features pairs of pets who, despite dissimilar biological backgrounds, appear surprisingly alike thanks to their coordinated coats. A kitten hangs out with a hedgehog, a guinea pig meets two ducklings, and a badger nuzzles a border collie in the series that is best summarized as an animal lover’s dream come true. While some of the subjects appear comically confused and expectedly curious, many of them seem a bit more comfortable with their new companion—some even cuddle!

Mark Taylor, the photographer behind the series, got the idea from his mom, whose twinning seal-point Birman kitten and dwarf bunny served as the inspiration. By bringing unlikely animals together, Mark produces unique photographs that celebrate the interconnectedness of the animal kingdom—and, of course, its overwhelming cuteness.

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All images via Warren Photographic.

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