Danish Supermarket Ends Hand Sanitizer Hoarding With Pricing Trick

Denmark Stops Hoarding with Innovative Pricing

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As anyone who has been to a supermarket lately knows, hoarding is a real thing. Depending on your country, it might be toilet paper or flour or milk. But certainly, an issue worldwide has been protective essentials like masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. In Denmark, one supermarket is getting creative to ensure that everyone has access to hand sanitizer and to put an end of stockpiling.

Denmark’s Rotunden Hellerup Foodmarket is taking ingenious measures to safeguard the the wellbeing of their customers. A Twitter user posted from inside the grocery store, where a sign let customers know that one bottle of hand sanitizer costs 40 Danish krone ($5.70). But if they want to purchase two bottles, they’ll pay 1,000 Danish krone ($143). By reversing the trend of purchasing in bulk for a discount, they’ve put a halt to hoarding.

Additionally, the grocery store took to its Facebook page to implore its customers to respect other measures they’ve put in place to allow people to continue shopping safely during the coronavirus. This includes sending only one member of the household to shop, keeping a safe distance from staff and other shoppers, sanitizing your hands while entering, and putting on gloves while shopping. “We have a great responsibility to keep the business running, and we can only do that with everyone’s help and understanding,” they wrote.

One Danish supermarket put an end to hand sanitizer hoarding by pricing up when buying in bulk.

People around the globe applauded the move and encouraged their local shops to take note of the initiative.

Some pointed out, however, that this technique won’t work everywhere.

So in some areas, stores are taking different steps to stop hoarding.

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