The Instagram Account Is Dedicated to Dogs “Working” From Home

As fears about coronavirus (aka COVID-19) sweep the globe, health authorities are urging the public to avoid social contact. That means that many of us are now adjusting to working from home. And although the new routine might be a struggle for some, those who have pets are lucky enough to still have “coworkers” to keep them company. Melbourne-based brand manager and dog owner Mark Polchleb recently created the Dogs Working From Home Instagram account, where he posts adorable pictures of furry home office friends from all over the world.

From cute pawsonal assistants to adorable helping hounds, the Dogs Working From Home Instagram account is dedicated to the pets that both improve and complicate working remotely. Polchleb says, “I think we’ve all experienced trying to type on the keyboard with the dog edging its head into your hands.”

Polchleb’s first post was of his two dachshunds, Billie and Ollie, who both look more than happy to have their dad at home. “While we’re all losing our minds, our dogs are just wondering y t f they suddenly just scored us being home all day and if it means they get more food,” he writes in the caption. “As you set up shop at home, send us a pic of your furry friend(s) so we have something to make everyone smile while we work our way through this crazy time.”

In just under a week, the account gained more than 36,000 followers, and that number continues to grow. Polchleb has also received hundreds of photo submissions, allowing the account’s feed to quickly fill up with adorable images of home office dogs that are sure to brighten up your day.

Want to see your dog on the Dogs Working From Home Instagram account? There’s just one rule: “[The dogs] definitely need to be at home,” says Polchleb. “Obviously we’re at a time where we’re encouraging people to stay at home and indoors. We’ve had people submitting dogs at cafes, which is a big ‘no-no’ from me. We want to see those doggos at home with their families where everyone should be staying for now.”

Check out some of the best submissions so far, and follow Dogs Working From Home on Instagram for more.

The Dogs Working From Home Instagram account is dedicated to the pets that both improve and complicate working remotely.


Many furry “coworkers” seem to be delighted to have us home while we try to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Dogs Working From Home: Instagram
h/t: [Apartment Therapy]

All images via Dogs Working From Home.

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