Elegant Plant Lamps Illuminate a Room in a Leafy Green Glow

Botany might seem like an unlikely inspiration for lighting, but for industrial designer Mariana Folberg, it makes sense. “The aesthetics of plants, their shape, and structure are designed to be perfectly functional,” she tells us in an email, “with each part perfectly in-sync and assisting the other. Nothing is designed as meticulously as nature.” This was the inspiration for her series of plant lamps, which combine contemporary lighting with the beauty of green flora.

Powered by LED bulbs, the acrylic leaves mimic their living counterparts. They’re individually crafted to evoke the essence of the organic forms and are complete with engraved veins that run from the stems to the tips of their leaves. When lit, electricity flows from their veins and casts a soft glow, displaying the design’s intricate details. But, they still look great when switched off; rather, they take on the role of contemporary sculpture. Whether it’s day or night, they will brighten your home—no green thumb necessary.

The innovative plant lamps are available in Folberg’s Etsy shop, Mar de Fe.

There’s no green thumb necessary to enjoy a plant lamp by Mariana Folberg.

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led plant lamp
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led plant lamp

Mar de Fe: Website | Etsy | Instagram | Facebook

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